Choose from four exciting programs: 

Children and Animals, A Louisiana Christmas,

Christmas Memories, and Creating a Cookbook! 


What's Watching Me? And Other Animal Stories

Library, Church, Scout, and School Programs about Animals

60-90 minute sessions
Story, Games, Prizes, Fun Facts, Take-Home Project
Email today for more information on how this program can be customized for your group

A LOUISIANA CHRISTMAS:Heritage Recipes and Hometown Celebrations

​"Christmas in Louisiana is unique. It embraces warm hospitality, incomparable food,

a rich musical heritage and cultural diversity. It’s the time to gather with family and 
friends and celebrate the age-old Advent traditions of joy, peace, love and hope. 
In a state known for its festivals and celebrations, Christmas brings a special joie de vivre. 
 From the bayous in the south to the pine forests in the north, holiday events uniquely 
combine the allure of Louisiana with the spirit of Christmas." 
(A Louisiana Christmas)

​Experience the Joie de Vivre of A Louisiana Christmas!

Looking for an entertaining and educational Christmas program? Schedule one of our fun, informative, and interactive programs: “A Louisiana Christmas,” “Christmas Memories,” and "So You Want to Make a Cookbook." Get tips, ideas, recipes, and inspiration to make your Louisiana Christmas the best ever! Each program is appropriate for school age children through adults and can be tailored to fit the audience size and interests. 

  •     A Louisiana Christmas focuses on the familiar sights, sounds, and tastes of Christmas that are wrapped in traditions brought to Louisiana centuries ago and includes a game with audience participation. 
  •     Christmas Memories is a workshop that sparks creativity in participants and takes them through steps to write their own Christmas memory.  
  •      So You Want to Make a Cookbook is helpful for anyone interested in creating a cookbook, whether using family recipes or compiling recipes from an organization, school, church, or club. The program covers organization tips, creative ways for presentation, and publication options.

60-90 minute sessions
           Email or call for more information on how we can help you plan a fun-filled, Christmas event.

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